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Friday, November 18, 2011

Welcome to My New Blog

I will be posting soon.   

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  1. Hey how are you, Charlie? I'm fine, here in Rio doing my stuff (playing my Samick 4 string bass, composing and playing...and singing a little too!). I actually had "a great time" reading about the proccess of songwriting and the "success anti-formulae" by Artie Resnick, which I actually found very surprising, if I count it through my own proccess of playing. I mean: every time I play, I feel excited, and happy, and I think that Eric Clapton's famous quotation, that "to one artist create, he has to feel the pain", seems strange for me because I guess music is realization, not anguish; songwriting? Yeah sure, here and there we feel some pain sometimes, but, in a more general proccess, I simply can't deal with the idea of finding my own tune horrible, instead of good. I think that every song of mine (which I composed, say it properly!)I composed it thoughtfully, but I sincerely do not remember a single piece of "pain" in the overall procces.

    Am I a naive guy? Oh not at all. I have known many artists and read about the bios on some of famous musicians, only to find out that many of them were happy, as many of them were extremely unhappy guys (Charlie Parker, Miles Davis); Dizzy Gillespie, Jack Bruce, Billy Sheehan, well I guess they are cool guys. Happy? Yes, why not? I think that...musicianship is the same that saying "warm feelings" for me, and, even if I can do some antics onstage or wearing weird, crazy clothes or saying something, inside I'm feeling happy. Almost (almost) every tune I play, by other guys, or compose and play, I can say, "they aren't that shit"!

    Sure, Charlie, one individual is one universe apart, and I am in no way trying to convince nobody to change his mind, or become happier because I am. Perhaps he is right. Perhaps with him, pain means inspiration, but I sincerely can't deal with that in no way! And this old idea, that which says, 'if you are satisfied you are dead, in the long creativity proccess,because you stop creating and find your playing is good enough', is also an old statement, probably old-fashioned in my viewpoint. I'd think of myself as an insecure guy, if I played a concert and said to myself and the pals in the band, 'hey guys, I was horrible, I'll play better next', or, 'it was a good show, but I am never satisfied with my own playing and solos'. I actually never told that in my life! I think musicianship is a gift given by God, a tremendously powerful being or whatever, above us. Carlos Santana, John McLaughlin...I guess they think even.

    Anyway, I like this new blog is very exciting. Please let me know about news!!! Allright.
    Carlos Bill, Rio, bass player, rock/r&b/jazz/composer.